Lux installation featured image

Determined that the iconic location of Exchange House would provide the perfect site for this new reflective neon and glass artwork.  With this in mind, we spent some time considering how best to capture the form of nearby Bishopsgate.  After several designs, Killen settled on a linear motif, something he knew would echo the road’s trajectory, both in terms of its actual physical structure, and also through the repeating reflections that would dart across and along the surrounding glass and polished surfaces.

Inspired by the architectural pillars within the atrium, we configured two vertical platforms from which Lux could be supported, allowing it to act as a welcoming beacon for visitors from the Broadgate neighbourhood, Shoreditch and beyond.

When looking at this piece, take note of the pulsing neon; these relate directly to the audio recording taken by Killen during his night-time visit and reflect the exact rhythm captured by his equipment at this time.

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