Sense of Light

Sense of Light sculpture featured image

Broadgate, a dynamic area of London, commissioned public art works curated by their own curator Rosie Glenn, with the aim of capturing a sense of the people inhabiting the area.

The works came together to form a Winter Garden, literally illuminating the area and providing a visual representation of the people who lived and worked there.  To get a sense of who the inhabitants were, I traversed the area at night and made long-exposure photos of local people, traffic and lights and recorded sounds of the city. These were translated into light drawings, Perspex installation and 3d neon works to represent the people and energy of Broadgate.

As Broadgate is a busy and bustling area of London, my design needed to add to the experience of the area and help people navigate as well as being visually appealing and a focal point.  The final artwork was designed to enhance the visual landscape and provide an experiential navigation of the area.

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